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Ancona. Mayor attacks local press: it’s low quality

The mayor, Valeria Mancinelli, has offended the local reporters during a public meeting. The video on Facebook. Firm reaction by the ODG President of the Marche region

The Mayor of Ancona, Valeria Mancinelli, has defined the quality of the local press “as low as it can be.” This judgment was delivered on 16 January 2016, during a public initiative called the “Il Pensatoio” (the pensieve). The recording of the indiscriminate attack of the mayor against the journalists, which sparked an immediate reaction by the Regional Order, was published on the Facebook page of the group “60100 Ancona.”

The mayor waited until the reporters present left the hall of the town library that housed the event. To provoke such a shearing rebuke was a question aimed at understanding the reasons why the administration of the Marche regional capital enjoyed a low level of appreciation among citizens.

THE ORDER – In a statement published by the ANSA press agency, the president of the regional Order of Journalists, Dario Gattafoni, also stated: “Our laws, which Mancinelli may not like, but which as a public administrator has a duty to honor and defend, assigns to others the task of assessing who has qualifications and preparation to be a journalist, to monitor the compliance with the ethical standards of the profession and to defend its dignity and autonomy.”


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