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Capital Mafia. Carminati looked for Lirio Abbate even under his house

The fact was revealed during the trial from a phone tap which had not yet been made known, the weekly magazine L’Espresso writes

During the hearings for the Capital Mafia trial, underway in Rome, new elements of the judicial investigation revealed that one of the defendants, Massimo Carminati, tried repeatedly to meet with the journalist Lirio Abbate, who with his articles on L’Espresso had turned the public’s attention on him and on the criminal affairs in which he appeared to be involved. From some phone taps it had already emerged that Carminati spoke of “fracturing Abbate’s face”. Today we learned that he repeatedly went to look for the journalist near his home. It was reported in the following excerpt from an article by Giovanni Tizian for L’Espresso.

(…) The hearings are reserving many surprises during the testimony of the investigators. Responding to questions from the lawyer of Carminati, a captain of the Carabinier has revealed the existence of wire taps that until a few weeks ago were not disclosed. The officer has reconstructed the conversation between Carminati “Il Cecato” (The Blinded) and an unidentified man, from which it emerges how the leader of the capital mafia had targeted Abbate to make him pay. “Yesterday I went to the house to look for this Abbate … but where the hell is this Abbate who is looking for me … every morning I come here looking for Abbate.” Carminati seems obsessed with the journalist of “L’Espresso”, he wants to find him at all costs. Among the phone taps already known, invetigators learned of how Carminati had screamed in anger and said to want to “fracture the Abbate’s face” as soon as he would have met him. And he did not rest for what he had written on our weekly, arguing that “the guards didn’t say those things”, but confirming them.

The phone tap heard in court reveals another disturbing fact, as told by the same “Cecato”, namely that Carminati had been under Abbate’s house


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