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Correspondent of Latina Oggi attacked

The journalist was doing a report on illegal dumping when he was beaten up by a man who destroyed his camera

On February 22, 2016 Gabriele Mancini, correspondent for Latina Oggi, from Cisterna di Latina, was attacked while performing a photo shoot on illegal dumps in the city. Mancini was chased by two men and beaten by one of them, who then destroyed his photo camera. The correspondent, who was treated at the emergency room of Cisterna, lodged a complaint for assault to the local police station, to which he also provided the card containing all the photos taken for the news report in order to assist the investigations and identify those responsible .

“I still do not quite believe that it could have happened to me. This will not change my way of giving information and I am even more convinced that the path that I have chosenin doing this job is the right one”, Mancini told Ossigeno. He has received many expressions of solidarity from the world of journalism and local politics.

Solidarity with the reporter was expressed by the Roman Press Association and by the board of Latina Oggi. The journalists of the newspaper of the Pontine area, in the afternoon of February 22, gathered at the meeting to emphasize once again the climate of growing threats that accompanies the work of journalists in the province of Latina.

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