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Defamation. Acquitted one of the authors of the book “Il Casalese”

It is the journalist Massimiliano Amato. In the book on the history of the former undersecretary Nicola Cosentino, he had confused the brother of the politician with a nephew by the same name

On February 3, 2016, the judge of the Fourth Chamber of the Court of Naples fully acquitted from charges of libel the journalist Massimiliano Amato, one of the authors of the book Il Casalese, published by Cento Autori, which tells of the story of the former economy undersecretary Nicola Cosentino.

To sue Amato and to ask for “adequate precautionary measures” had been in 2011 Palmiro Cosentino, brother of Nicola, who had felt maligned for the mistaking of his identity with a nephew that went by the same name made by the journalist in the pages of the book. “Palmiro Cosentino did not stop even before the apology letter that I sent him when I realized the error and applied the corrections of information that we have included in subsequent editions of the book. Indeed, in the letter of reply he pointed out that there was a persecutory intention against him on my part” Amato told Ossigeno.

The journalist, confusing the brother of the politician with his nephew, had mistakenly attributed as his spouse Alfonsina Schiavone, daughter of the boss Francesco Schiavone (aka Cicciariello) and actually wife of the other Palmiro, implying as such a bond of kinship between the mafia family and that of the former government official, Nicola Cosentino.


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