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Defamation. Indictment request against reporter of Il Roma

Pierluigi Frattasi was sued by the Mayor of Naples, Luigi De Magistris for having reported the statements of a politician in an article of 2014

In early February 2016, the Prosecutor of the Court of Santa Maria Capua Vetere (in the province of Caserta) requested the indictment for the journalist of the daily Il Roma, Pierluigi Frattasi, sued for libel by the mayor of Naples, Luigi De Magistris, on 19 December 2014. For the mayor, Frattasi had offended his reputation by bringing up in an article from November 2, 2014 statements, recorded by news agencies by the former deputy regional coordinator of Forza Italia, Amedeo Labocetta, critical of a municipal administration which he defined as “propped up by the buying and selling of votes and abstentions in the city council.”

As such, along with the journalist, the trial for libel was asked also for the politician, as being the author of the statements, and the editor in charge of the newspaper, Pasquale Clemente, accused instead of omitted control. For the latter, the prosecutor underlines, there is a condition of “repeated offence within five years”.


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