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Defamation. Lawsuit against journalist by Matteo Salvini to the archives

The League leader had sued Davide Vecchi of Il Fatto Quotidiano for an article published in 2014 in which he criticized his political work

On 29 January 2016 the judge for preliminary investigations of the Court of Bergamo has sent to the archives the libel suit presented by Matteo Salvini against Davide Vecchi (pictured), a journalist of Il Fatto Qutodiano. Vecchi was sued by the Northern League leader for publishing on the online edition of the newspaper, on November 13, 2014, an article entitled “Matteo Salvini e le sue boutade populiste: pura propaganda elettorale per stolti” (“Matteo Salvini and his populist electioneering: pure electioneering for fools”) in which he criticized the politician and his work.

The considerations that Mr Vecchi expressed in the text fall, according to the magistrate, within a “political assessment”, that although is a “biting and annoying” one, which has observed the criteria of public interest and truthfulness. “I have two other complaints from Matteo Salvini similar to this one”, Vecchi told Ossigeno.


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