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Defamation. To trial chief editor and reporter of the Giornale del Cilento

In 2012, they used the terms “clique” and “loan sharks” referring to the investigation on a case of usury that had led to the arrest of some people

At the end of the preliminary hearing of 27 January 2016, the Judge for the preliminary hearing of Vallo Della Lucania indicted Maurizio Troccoli, chief editor of ilgiornaledelcilento.it, and Luigi Martino, a reporter of judicial stories, sued for libel for some items published in 2012 in which they had used the words “clique” and “loan sharks”.

The articles talk about a judicial investigation on an alleged conspiracy for usury for which some people in the Cilento region were arrested and indicted. The trial of the two journalists will begin on October 26, 2016. The reasons for the indictment are still not known. Ossigeno had already reported the story in 2014.


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