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Milan. Hearing of expo commissioner. Local police keeps reporters away

Ossigeno: just like in authoritarian countries. The Lombard Reporters Group: “serious and worrying gesture”. Giuseppe Sala was awaited by journalists at Palazzo Marino

MILAN – The Lombard Reporters Group on 25 January 2016 complained for the estrangement of journalists on the occasion of the hearing of the sole commissioner of the Expo, Giuseppe Sala, which was being held at Palazzo Marino. During the session, in fact, the journalists were placed outside the hall by the local police. The episode “is serious and raises concern”, according to the president of the reporters’ Group, Cesare Giuzzi, who in a statement called for “a formal apology, as well as a meeting with the president of the City Council, Basilio Rizzo, and with the presidents of the commissions, Ruggero Gabbai and Luigi Pagliuca.”

For days Giuseppe Sala has been a character under the limelight of the media, since he is a candidate to become mayor of Milan but has been made the subject of strong criticism for the award of certain works to professionals who have participated to the renovation of a building it owns.

“It is clear that journalists are scary. It’s scary – Alberto Spampinato, Director of Ossigeno, commented – that they can ask bothersome questions, as required by their work. Consequently, in Palazzo Marino someone cleared the field in advance with a gesture that is not only rude, but is a violation of the freedom of information. Applying this principle, tolerating it, all journalists can be kept confined away from places where there occur interesting facts and submit them press releases with filtered and selected information. This normally happens in authoritarian countries that we are always ready to criticize.”


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