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Milan. Politician steps down, FI blames reporters

The party warned the reporter and the chief editor of Il Cittadino di Monza e Brianza of returning on the subject and promised lawsuits. UNCI intervenes

In an email sent on February 11, 2016 to the email address of Paola Farina, columnist of the weekly Il Cittadino di Monza e Brianza, and of the chief editor Martino Cervo, the section of Desio (near Milan) of the Forza Italia party has burdened the local press with the responsibility for the resignation of the deputy coordinator Christian Marrone, and gave it formal notice of injunction from tying again men of Forza Italia to legal proceedings from the past. Otherwise, they will unleash the complaints.

The UNCI (National Union of Italian reporters) of Lombardy denounced the fact, likening the story to that of Sedriano and Ester Castano, stating: “Once again we see a tough stance taken against those journalists who dare to write about serious facts that see as protagonists those politicians involved in the investigations on the ‘Ndrangheta in the North”.

“It’s a very little comforting sign that I do not like at all”, Farina told Ossigeno, commenting on the episode. And the chief editor Cervo adds: “It’s something out of place. These things do not change our way of working in Desio, which is preparing to vote in local administrative elections, and will remain under our careful observation lens.”


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