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Perugia. Journalist verbally attacked during tv commentary

“Don’t come here anymore”, fans shouted to Nicola Agostini, while the reporter was covering the match between Villabiagio and Trestina. Condemnation from USSI and the Umbrian union

The journalist Nicola Agostini was verbally assaulted by fans while maintaining the commentary of the amateur football match between Villabiagio and Trestina. The incident, described as “very serious” by the Umbrian group of USSI (the Italian Sports Press Union) and by the ASU (the Umbrian Press Association), which occurred on Sunday, February 14, 2016 in Vestrelli di Castiglione della Valle (in the province of Perugia).

It was reported in an article dated 15 February 2016 by the website Umbria 24.

“Don’t come here anymore”, the fans of Villabiagio shouted against the reporter who was forced to stop the commentary and to barricade himself inside the press box.

The article by Umbria 24 states that USSI Umbria and Asu, on top of asking the football club to protect guest reporters, also denounced “the behavior of some leading executives of the Villabiagio club, who, instead of working to calm tempers, have been actively involved in the verbal aggression, then also preventing the entrance to the press room to Agostini and to the other journalists present, who therefore could not carry out their jobs.”


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