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Piombino. Vice-chief of poice excludes journalist from press conference

“This is my home and I decide who gets in”, he apparently told him alleging that he published some undisclosed information on the issue of the meeting at hand

The vice chief of Police Walter Delfino prevented a journalist from the newspaper Il Tirreno, Cristiano Lozito, to participate in a press conference convened at the Police Constabulary of Piombino (in the province of Livorno), of which he is a manager. Delfino challenged the journalist of having already anticipated in his newspaper some information intended to be communicated at the day’s meeting. It happened on Saturday, January 23, 2016.

As reported by Lozito, Mr Delfino would have stated: “This is my home and I decide who gets in. You must go away, otherwise I will have you taken away. Your presence is not welcome.”


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