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Pisa. Reporter attacked in press room from the Arezzo football player

It happened to the freelance Andrea Avato, who announced the incident on Amarantomagazine.it. Solidarity from USSI, AST, and the Councilor for Sports Lucia Tanti

On February 7, 2016, at the end of the Pro League football match between Pisa and Arezzo, the freelance journalist Andrea Avato was attacked by the Arezzo footballer Simone De Martino, and by the athlete’s father, Enrico, vice president of the football club. Avato was in the mixed zone of Pisa’s stadium press room, in order to follow the match for Radioeffe, a radio channel which has the exclusive rights for the broadcast of the football matches of the Arezzo team. To spark the violent reaction was an article on the future prospects of the Tuscan team published on February 2, 2016, on Amarantomagazine.it. The journalist announced that he will file charges for aggression.

Meanwhile Simone De Martino was sanctioned with a fine from the Arezzo Calcio club, and the club president, Mauro Ferretti, has personally phoned Mr Avato apologizing for the incident. USSI, the Italian sports press Union, the Union of Journalists of Tuscany and the Councilor for Sports of the Municipality of Arezzo, Lucia Tanti, have all expressed solidarity to the journalist.

“It was a very ugly incident in a press room and in front of colleagues – Avato told Ossigeno. Its absurd! I have to defend my personal dignity.”


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