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Radio Capital. Journalists insulted from mayor of Venice

The first citizen, Luigi Brugnaro, on the phone with TG Zero got nervous during the interview relative to his participation to the Family Day in Rome

During an interview on his announcement to participate to the Family Day, an event organized in Rome for Saturday, January 30th to protest against the bill on civil unions, the mayor of Venice Luigi Brugnaro, on air with TG Zero, a radio show aired on Radio Capital on 29 January 2016, insulted the journalists Vittorio Zucconi, chief editor, and Edoardo Buffoni, editor.

Brugnaro called the two journalists “assholes” and “idiots”, who preferred to interrupt the broadcast. “We are surprised and saddened by the reaction of the mayor. We did not want to follow up on the incident, so we preferred to stop the live interview and decided to keep a low profile”, Buffoni told Ossigeno.

The mayor, over the phone, got nervous because Zucconi defined as “grotesque” his statements on the issue of the uterus-for-rent to allow homosexual couples to have children.


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