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Report on illegal labour practices. Two authors threatened

They are Leonardo Palmisano and Yvan Sagnet who in January 2016 have received anonymous phone calls and have been tailed. On the affair, comments by SEL and M5S

Leonardo Palmisano, writer and professor of sociology at the Polytechnic University of Bari, and Yvan Sagnet activist symbol of the fight against illegal hiring labor practices in Italy, in January 2016 have received threats and acts of intimidation following the publication of the book Ghetto Italia. A report, published by Fandango, on the issue of illegal hiring practices (“caporalato” in italian), the organization of field workers, and the living conditions in which they are forced to live the foreign workers in the Italian countryside, from North to South. In early February 2016, Palmisano and Sagnet have reported the facts to the Anti-Mafia prosecutors in Bari.

“These threats are the result of the fact that we managed to touch – with our report – an important segment of the illegal supply chain that binds the illegal collection of products, the ghettos and the exploitation of laborers with the industrial system”, the writer told Ossigeno.


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