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Trent. Journalist acquitted also on appeal from defamation

The Chief Editor of Trentinolibero.it, Claudio Taverna, had been sued for 60,000 Euros by the management of the provincial transportation company

The publisher and chief editor of Trentinolibero.it Claudio Taverna has been acquitted, even on appeal after the victory in the first instance, from the charges of libel brought against him in 2014 by the vertices of Trentino Trasporti (the public transport company of the Province of Trent).

The Court of Appeal of Trent, on October 20, 2015, condemned the President, Monica Baggia, and the Vice President, Ezio Facchin, to pay 6,615 euro for legal costs, 15 percent of general and court fees. The two managers had sued the journalist, with a claim for damages for a total of 60 thousand euro, because they felt defamed by an article entitled “Trentino Trasporti: idrogeno che passione” (“Trentino Trasporti: hydrogen what a passion”), published on September 30, 2014, in which Taverna exposed – with extensive documentation – doubts about using this technology applied to urban transport.

In the judgment on appeal, the reasons for which were filed on February 10, 2016, the college (composed of the judges Ugo Cingano, Raffaele Massaro and Dino Erllieher) refers to the relative case law of the Supreme Court and the European Court, noting that in the Article did respect the veracity of facts, the public interest and the continence of language.


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