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Brindisi. Threat letter to local television of Francavilla Fontana

In the message found under the door of the newsroom of Canale 85, an invitation to “be careful” and the direct reference to an operator 

In Francavilla Fontana, in the province of Brindisi, on the morning of February 2, 2016, under the door of the newsroom of the local TV Canale 85, an anonymous threat letter was found. Someone wrote: “A TV pro-Cerin workers. Be careful. Melillo Gianfranco, be careful”.

Mr Melillo is a television operator of the broadcaster. Among other things, he is the companion of a worker of Cerin, a contractor company of the Municipality of Francavilla Fontana on which in recent weeks the editorial staff was busy reporting, including the protests of the four employees that lost their jobs. The workers’ protests were directed at the municipal administration that terminated the contract. The employees have reacted with a permanent sit-in. According to the newspaper, the City has launched a new call for tender that does not guarantee the return of the four to the same legal and economic conditions.

Gianfranco Melillo tries to play down the incident. “We are at Carnival time – he comments – and I hope that this was just a bad joke. However, we remain on the side of the workers.”

The Canale 85‘s editorial staff has received statements of solidarity by the mayor of Francavilla Fontana, by the city council, and several co-workers.


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