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Calabria. Threat letter to cariati blogger

“These are slanderous phrases with both personal and professional references” Cataldo Formaro said in reporting the incident to the Police

On February 5, 2016 the blogger Cataldo Formaro, chief editor of Cariatinet.it, information portal on the city of Cariati in the province of Cosenza, received by mail at his home an intimidating letter. “It contains slanderous phrases – explains Formaro to Ossigeno – with both personal and professional references”. Formaro manages the information website and works as a nurse.

He believes that the intimidation is linked to the forthcoming election campaign. The blogger pressed charges against anonymous persons to the command of the Carabinieri of Cariati. He explained to Ossigeno that he is worried: “I might be suspicious of anyone that passes me by. These are destabilizing actions, which I bear thanks to the solidarity of many citizens and readers of the blog.”


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