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Carbonia. Threatening messages to a reporter of “Unione Sarda”

They have apparently been sent by a trade unionist to Andrea Scano who reported the concerns of environmentalists for the opening of a coal plant. Solidarity from Order of Journalists and Assostampa

Andrea Scano, a journalist of L’Unione Sarda, on 24 February 2016 received on his personal number three messages with defamatory and threatening content, by a trade union representative of the metallurgical company Eurallumina of Carbonia. The fact was denounced by the journalist to the police on the same day.

On the previous day the journalist had reported the concerns of some environmental groups for the results of the control checks made by the Local Health Agency on environmental pollution in Carbonia. Andrea Scano has been following for about a month the option plans for reopening Eurallumina, closed five years ago and now waiting for the go-ahead by the Region to reactivate the coal plant which should feed the factory.

“In this climate of tension and intimidation neither I nor other colleagues of my newspaper feel free to follow the evolution of the story that relates to Eurallumina”, Scano told Ossigeno. On top of the full support of the publisher and the board of Unione Sarda, the reporter received the solidarity of the his colleagues, of Assostampa Sarda and the Regional Order of Journalists.

Barbara Liverzani

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