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Carbonia. Unione Sarda reporter withdraws complaint against trade unionist

Andrea Scano decided it after a meeting between representatives of his newspaper, Assostampa and RSU of . He had received three threatening messages

On March 8, 2016 the journalist of Unione Sarda, Andrea Scano, withdrew his complaint against a union representative of the metallurgical company Eurallumina of Carbonia who on February 24 had sent to his mobile phone number three text messages containing threatening and intimidating language. The reporter was following the events of the reopening of the company, voicing the concerns of environmentalists.

The journalist decided to refer the complaint as a result of a clarifying meeting between the editorial board of Unione Sarda, the regional Assostampa and components of the RSU of Eurallumina, which took place on Friday, March 4, 2016. At the end of the meeting the parties signed a document that provides, among other things, the withdrawal of the complaint by Scano and a commitment by the RSU to provide all the information on Eurallumina and to have an open and helpful attitude towards the journalists of the newspaper.

The tension between the two arose following the publication of an article on 23 February 2016, in which Scano reported the concerns of some environmental groups for the results of the investigation of the Local Health Company on environmental pollution in Carbonia. The reporter was indeed following for about a month on the assumptions to reopen Eurallumina, closed five years ago and now waiting for the go-ahead from the Region to reactivate the coal plant which should power the factory.


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