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Catania. For Ciancio: appeals of attorney and civil parties

In December 2015, the Judge for the preliminary hearing had sent to the archives the proceedings against the publisher-editor of La Sicilia, accused of external collusion with the Mafia

The Prosecutor of Catania and the civil parties have appealed to the Supreme Court against the judgment of Judge for the preliminary hearing, Gaetana Bernabò Di Stefano who, on December 21, 2015, had ordered the case dismissed for the publisher-editor of La Sicilia, Mario Ciancio Sanfilippo, because “the fact is not considered a crime.” The accusation was of external collusion with the Mafia.

After the appeal of the Prosecutor, also the one of the two brothers of the Commissioner of State Police Beppe Montana, killed by the mafia, Dario and Gerlando, assisted by the Lawyer Goffredo D’Antona arrived.

“There is a judgment that we do not share – Dario Montana explained to ANSA – not only in form but also in the facts. Of course, we not expect a trial for venting our political and moral judgments, but we respect unto the end the institutions in their role.”

Dario Montana wanted to “thank the judges of the Etna prosecutor’s office who had held a careful and firm conducted, without any prejudice”. But about the city he told ANSA: “It almost wanted to remove the proceedings”. “Catania – the lawyer D’Antona argued – did not want the trial, nor did the publisher’s friends, nor did the publisher’s enemies”.

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