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Dailies. Fiat leaves Rcs. La Stampa and Secolo XIX go with La Repubblica

The ownership structure of the best selling newspapers changes. The publishing concentration around the Group Repubblica-L’Espresso. Pluralism and employment threatened

From www.francoabruzzo.it – The letter of intent for the merger of Itedi with the Espresso Group has been signed. The completion of the transaction is scheduled for the first quarter of 2017, upon the withdrawal of FCA from RCS. Under the same umbrella La Republica-La Stampa-Il Secolo XIX-local Finegil outlets. CIR will remain the controlling shareholder over 40%. The outlets will retain full editorial independence. After the exit of FCA, Della Valle and the first RCS shareholder in front of Mediobanca. The FNSI is asking for a meeting with the top management of the two companies: high alert for the number of journalists involved. Following, the letter by Mr Elkann to the Itedi employees.

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