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Defamation. Condemned reporter of Le Iene tv show. He’ll pay 52 thousand euro for damages

It was established by the Court of Milan. Filippo Roma will have to compensate Cairo publisher, the chief editors of Nuovo and Diva e Donna, as well as a journalist. The case concerned fake interviews

The judge of the Fourth Criminal Section of the Court of Milan convicted of defamation a reporter of the television show Le Iene, Filippo Rome, to pay a fine of one thousand euro (without mention) and a total compensation of 52 thousand euro against Cairo Editore, the chief editors of the outlets and Nuovo and Diva e Donna, as well as the journalist Antonella Silvestri. It was reported by ANSA.

Specifically, Roma will have to pay 30,000 Euros to the chief editor of Nuovo, Riccardo Signoretti, 10,000 euro to the chief editor of Diva e Donna Angelo Ascoli, 8000 euro to Cairo Editore and 4000 euro to the journalist.

The case dates back to 2013. The publisher had sued the reporter of the TV show broadcast on the Italia 1 channel after the airing, between January and February of the same year, of the three reports produced by Mr Roma, which questioned the veracity of some interviews to famous people of the entertainment business published on Nuovo and Diva e Donna, magazines of the publishing house of Urbano Cairo. For this case, in January 2016, the Public Prosecutor of the Court of Milan had asked for four months in prison for the reporter.


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