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Naples. Journalists attacked and insulted by Bassolino supporters

Also involved some photographers and cameramen. The episode on the sidelines of a meeting with the politician at the Augusteum. Intervention of the Campania Union

On 12 March 2016, on the sidelines of an event organized at the Teatro Augusteo of Napoles by the politician Antonio Bassolino, a group of his supporters attacked and insulted some journalists, photographers and cameramen.

The incident was duly reported by the unitary union of Journalists of the Campania region and the National Councilors from Campania of the FNSI that, in the statement released by ANSA, speak of a “shameful and serious attitude. We will ask the cameramen – the statement reads – the images for the identification and denunciation of those responsible for such disgraceful behavior.”

The statement also claims that among the aggressors, there would have been also former councilors.

According to some sources, the tension arose due to the presence of former workers of the FIAT factory in Pomigliano, who, dressed as Pulcinellas, had gathered outside the Augusteum to protest against Bassolino.


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