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Ostia. Insults online against Federica Angeli: 6 investigated

They are accused of complicity in defamation against the journalist. Obscured the Facebook page “Luna Nuova”. The MP Bindi: “An important signal”

On March 9, 2016, the Police Unit in Rome obscured the Facebook page Luna Nuova (New Moon) and, as a preemptive measure, the Facebook profiles of six people, including the manager of the webpage, under investigation for complicity in defamation, aggravated by the use of social networks, against the journalist of La Repubblica Federica Angeli, who for two years has been living under police protection because of her work.

“I hope – said the MP Mrs Rosy Bindi, president of the Anti-Mafia Commission – that this measure will help bring to an end the threats against all those who have denounced and opposed the presence of the mafia in Ostia. It is an important signal for the protection of the many journalists, which we have documented in our report, and how they often face heavy intimidation and pressures from mobsters putting constraints on freedom of information, including using defamatory actions on social networks, all alone”.

The investigations are coordinated by the prosecutor Eugenio Albamonte of the Prosecutor’s Office of Rome and conducted by the Fourth Section of the Mobile Police Unit.

According to investigators, which would have acquired elements of undisputed evidentiary value, the Facebook profiles were almost exclusively used for committing the offense of aggravated defamation against the journalist. The suspects are Andrea Schiavone, Paula Dejesus, Roberto Fraschetti, Piero Fierro, Ondina Fava, and the journalist Giulio Mancini.

For the police, for over a year and a half the suspects would have led a smear campaign against the journalist, offending her, insulting her and trying to discredit her reputation and professional image.


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