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Palermo. Reporter attacked, pushed and slapped by 2 fans

They attempted to steal his videophone off him and attacked him before the gates of the stadium. Chants of insults from the hooligans of the other side. Harsh sentence from the Order of Journalists of Sicily

On Wednesday, March 9, 2016, in front of the gates of the sports field “Tenente Onorato di Boccadifalco” in Palermo, two fans attacked Michele Sardo, a freelance reporter, snatching away his videophone with which he was shooting some footage on behalf of an online newspaper: the reporter was pushed and then hit in the face. The phone was recovered from another reporter, while other fans sang chants like: “Journalists pieces of shit”.

The two reporters have not filed charges. The Order of Journalists of Sicily issued a tough statement condemning the attack: “Violent actions, like the one that took place this afternoon, are unacceptable. The Order of Journalists of Sicily expresses its closeness to Michele Sardo and – the statement reads – would like to see clarity on such a serious incident.”

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