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Palermo. Reporters excluded from berlusconi meeting with the press

They are journalists of Adnkronos, Askanews and Agi Sicilia. Unci and the regional Assostampa intervened. Zingales: “Some politicians draw up popularity rankings”

On March 18, 2016 three journalists representing the news agencies Askanews, AdnKronos and Agi in Sicilia, were excluded from a meeting organized in a Palermo hotel between Silvio Berlusconi, who was in town for the convention of his Forza Italia party to be held on the next day, and the press. They are Elvira Terranova of Adnkronos, Andrea Tuttoilmondo of Askanews and a colleague of the other agency.

When the three reporters asked for an explanation as to why other journalists were allowed to enter, the staff responded that Berlusconi allowed access only to the colleagues of the television news, calling them “desireable guests”, Terranova told Ossigeno. The reporter, on the same evening, expressed her discontent in a post published on her Facebook page. Berlusconi, on the sidelines of the March 18 meeting, granted an exclusive interview to the Sicilian news agency ItalPress.

On another the case also Assostampa Sicilia and the Sicilian section of the UNCI intervened. “As long as we continue to think along the lines of greater or lesser alleged ‘importance’ of a news outlet, there will never be a possibility of full access to the news. All reporters have equal dignity and value when operating with conscience and professionalism”, the statement of reporters’ union reads. “Inexcusable and unjustified” was instead the definition of the episode by the Sicilian union, while the UNCI National Vice President, Leone Zingales, said that “in our country some politicians draw up popularity rankings of the representatives of information.”


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