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Piacenza. Fan forces reporter to leave press room

It happened to a collaborator of the daily Libertà. Solidarity for the incident was expressed by the Union of Journalists of Emilia and the editorial board

On Friday, February 26, 2016 a fan of the football team “Piacenza” has forced with a threatening tone a collaborator of the daily Libertà to abandon the press room of the Garilli city stadium, where he was attending the press conference organized as usual a few days before the game, in that case ahead of the match Piacenza-Sondrio scheduled for Sunday, February 28th.

Solidarity to the reporter was expressed by the Union of Journalists of Emilia Romagna and the editorial board of Libertà, which denounces the episode: “It is not the first time that there is an incident that affects the proper exercise of our work”. Even the football club has condemned the incident in a statement.

The hooligan came into the press room and has repeatedly ordered the journalist to leave the room. The reporter replied that he had to do his job. The hooligan pulled his gloves off and struck a fist on the table making it clear that he was ready to move on to a physical confrontation. At that point, the reporter found it prudent to leave.


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