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Primaries in Naples. The councilor who was filmed announces lawsuit against Fanpage

Antonio Borriello considers an attack the video released on March 7, 2016 which shows him giving money to people who are going to vote

The city councilor of the Democratic Party in Naples, Antonio Borriello, instructed his legals to sue for defamation the online newspaper FanPage for the video published on March 7, 2016, made by reporters Peppe Pace, Antonio Musella and Alessio Viscardi during the “primaries” of the Democratic Party in Naples for the choice of candidate to mayor.

The video shows Borriello near the ballot seats of San Giovanni in Teduccio, neighborhood on the outskirts of town, while he hands money to people who are going to vote. According to the journalistic reconstruction, in exchange for the euros, the counselor would have asked to express a preference for the candidate Valeria Valente.

Borriello told ANSA that FanPage “intended to put in place a real media aggression” against him and as such he will pursue a legal action.


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