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Reggio calabria. Hackers attack online newspaper and erase it

The news portal Immezcla.it deals with immigration in the Mediterranean. The chief editor, Paola Suraci, will press charges to the Postal Police

REGGIO CALABRIA, February 10 – The online newspaper www.immezcla.it was hit, in these hours, by a cyber attack. A hacker has deleted the newspaper files and completely clear the website. The news was announced, with a statement, by the online magazine victim of the hacker attack. The newspaper was founded in June of 2013, edited by the journalist Paola Suraci, and which deals with immigration issues in the Mediterranean, aiming to undermine the prejudices on foreigners in order to foster integration.

“Certainly the issues addressed, in an effort to give them a new and different reading – it is stated in the note – have disturbed someone to the point of wanting to silence them, given that neither the Chief Editor nor the journalists who work for it have received any kind of intimidation.” The chief editor Paola Suraci sought immediately, through her technicians and those of the server provider, to understand what happened and the “serious act, as we will have all the elements in hand – Suraci says – will be reported to the Postal police.”


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