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Salerno. Workers attack journalists and protesters

Antonio Musella and Peppe Pace (FanPage) were documenting the protest to demand the relocation of the Pisano Foundries. Solidarity from ODG and SUGC

On March 16, 2016 Peppe Pace and Antonio Musella, journalists of the web portal FanPage, were verbally assaulted and beaten by the Pisano Foundry workers in Fratta (in the province of Salerno), while documenting the protest of demonstrators from the permanent presidium of the “Health and Life” Committee, who have been standing in front of the factory gates for days to demand its relocation. The workers, who have also attacked the protesters, have also tried to destroy the equipment of the two reporters.

The journalists have complained about the incident to the Police Constabulary in Salerno and were treated at the Emergency Room of the city. “What happened is a sad page – Antonio Musella commented to Ossigeno – not only because they attacked the right to information, but also because they have threatened people who live in that territory and are trying to defend it.”

Solidarity with Musella and Pace has been expressed by the Order of Journalists of Campania and by the Unitary Regional Union of Journalists. A video posted on FanPage few hours after the incident documents the tense moments.


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