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Massa Carrara. Reporter of tv show Le Iene attacked in city centre by a woman

Andrea Agresti was hit in the face while trying to shoot a video report on fake residence permits. Solidarity by the mayor of the city

On March 19, 2016 Andrea Agresti, reporter of the TV show Le Iene, was attacked in Massa Carrara by a foreign woman, while trying to interview her for the realization of a service on the issuing of false residence permits. The woman, who Agresti had already reached in October 2015 for a report relative to the same topic, would be at the center of a fraud for the issuing, in return of a payment, of residence permits to his countrymen who want to work in Italy.

The aggression was also reported by the daily La Nazione on March 20, 2016. To calm tempers, it was necessary the intervention of the police. Agresti had to go to the hospital. On the issue also the mayor of Massa Carrara, Angelo Zubbani, intervened expressing solidarity with to the reporter.

THE CASE – The woman hit Agresti in the face with an olive branch. The attack took place in the city center, in Marina (near Massa Carrara), during the San Giuseppe Fair on 19th March.

“The journalist and actor original from Quarrata, took the hit in the face, so that the ‘ordinance’ sun-glasses of Le Iene (Reservoir Dogs, translators’ note*) went to the ground and broke”, the article of La Nazione reads.


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