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Romics. Damaged some volumes of publisher Shockdom

The incident at the comics’ fair of Rome. A group of far-right militants contested the works by Fabbri and Antonucci, which lampoons on Mussolini

In an attempt to damage the copies of “Quando c’era LVI” (When HE was here), a comic strip which jokes about Benito Mussolini, three members of a far-right group have ruined some publications of the Publisher Shockdom, pouring on them Coca-Cola. The incident occurred on April 10, 2016 during the Romics fair, the comics’ fair of Rome, where the publishing house was exhibiting its works. One of the three, Davide Di Stefano, with the help of others, recorded the incident and posted the video on his Facebook page, admitting responsibility for the action which he characterized as “an irreverent but certainly not violent hoax” .

When filming it is possible to hear Di Stefano ask the staff of the publishing house, while launching a few volumes in the air, “that shitty comic…are you’re done with it?” The reference is to the anti-fascist work carried out by Daniele Fabbri and Stefano Antonucci, available in preview at the fair. The place was then stormed by the police to gather evidence and witnesses.”In fact they did not damage us – Fabbri told Ossigeno – because the comic was already finished.”

The publisher, however, in a press release issued a few hours after the incident, stated that it had suffered damage worth between 500 and 1000 euro and that, as such, it will press charges.On Saturday 9, on Twitter, Simone Di Stefano, Davide’s brother and vice president of the same far-right association, had written to want to sue Fabbri and, referring to the comic strip, had announced: “I’m coming to take it at Romics.”


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