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Striscia la Notizia. Max Laudadio receives death threat

“I’m coming to kill you all” a man involved in a 2013 report on alleged scams related to charity works shouted over the phone

The reporter for the TV satirical newsreel Striscia la Notizia, Mr Max Laudadio, received a death threat over a phone call that one of his collaborators received from Antonio Sportiello, a man involved in a report on alleged fraud linked to charity works, produced by the journalist in 2013.

The video, complete with audio recordings attesting the threats, was aired on April 11, 2016 during an episode of the show.

“Tell Max Laudadio, that I’ll come and get him. I know where he lives, I’m coming for him. Let him press charges. His life isn’t worth a penny. I know where he lives”, the man shouted on the phone, specifying that the problem “is a shitty scoop that you weren’t supposed to do. I will come and kill all of you, one by one.” Already on the day before the phone call, Sportiello had sent threatening messages to another of Laudadio’s collaborators, warning him that they were in danger.


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