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Torino. Reporter to trial for having covered “no-tav” protests

Davide Falcioni will be prosecuted for “complicity in trespassing”. In August of 2012 he was making a report for the website Agoravox

On 4th April 2016 the judge for preliminary hearings of the Court of Turin, Paola Boemio, at the request of the Prosecutor’s Office, issued an order for indictment for complicity in breach of domicile against the journalist Davide Falcioni. The news was released by the website notav.info. The reporter, in October 2015, had been under investigation for trespassing, domestic violence, damaging of property, threats, unauthorized access to computer systems and resisting a public officer after following in August 2012 the No-TAV movement during a protest in which the group entered inside the company offices of Geovalsusa Srl in Turin, for producing a report for the website Agoravox.

Ossigeno had already covered the journalist’s case.

Already in February 2015, for the same event, 19 protesters had been tried and convicted by the Turin Court to prison terms ranging from five to eight months in prison. Initially Falcioni was not among the defendants. On 28 November 2014 he had been summoned to court as a witness. The journalist had reported that during his testimony, the prosecutor had discontinued the examination and asked his entry in the register of suspects on the same charges leveled against the protesters.


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