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For having told of the eviction of a family from an apartment occupied illegally, Davide Camarrone has been called “a liar” and “an unworthy” 

On March 19, 2016 the journalist for RAI – Sicilia Davide Camarrone was insulted on Facebook by the owner of an apartment in Palermo where, on March 15th, the eviction of a family of squatters was executed. The man called the journalist “a liar” and “an unworthy” for a report, broadcast by the regional TV news service on the same day of the eviction, in which Camarrone documented the facts and told of the attempt by the owner to obstruct the work of journalists arrived on site.

“I have instructed my lawyer to file a complaint against this gentleman,” Cammarone told Ossigeno, stressing that he had always maintained, throughout the story, a respectful behavior towards the owner.

THE CASE – During the execution of the eviction, Camarrone had traveled there to interview family members, among other things forced to live with the illness of a child, but the owner of the house had tried to prevent him and the other reporters present access to the housing. The journalist, with the help of a police officer, was nonetheless able to do his job. The report was broadcast on March 15th; on March 19th Camarrone had launched the insults.

“I told the eviction of a family of squatters (and a seriously ill boy). I reported the owner’s behavior, who in the presence of witnesses had tried to keep out reporters. Today, on Facebook, I find his insults”, he reads on the Facebook page of the journalist showing the offensive post.


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