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Web. Reggio emilia. Facebook obscures “musulmani d’italia” page

The company has decided to follow the magistrate’s order, but makes it known that it does not consider the measure “proportionate”. The whole story began on February 26, 2016

On April 5, 2016 Facebook has decided to obscure the page “Musulmani d’Italia – Comunità” (Muslims of Italy – Community) and the eponymous closed group, on which an offensive and vulgar post appeared against the Resto del Carlino‘s journalist Benedetta Salsi.

The company’s management have decided to comply with the order issued on March 8, 2016 by the magistrate of Reggio Emilia even if, as stated in declarations by a spokesperson, and reported in an article of the Quotidiano Nazionale daily, the company does not consider the measure “proportionate”.

On April 3, Facebook had only obscured the page “Musulmani d’Italia – Comunità”; two days later it also obscured the closed group.

Salsi had been offended on the social network with a post published on February 25, 2016, shortly after the publication of an article on Il Resto del Carlino, in which she told of the adoption of restrictive measures on personal freedom against Luca Aleotti, a convert to Islam. The journalist had filed a complaint against unknown persons and had sparked an investigation.


Reggio Emilia. Attacks against reporter on fb page of Muslims of Italy group

Web. Reggio Emilia. Reporter insulted, fb doesn’t obscure the page


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