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Abruzzo. Honorary football team president insults reporter

Andrea Rapino’s “fault” (of Il Centro) was to photograph the protest of fans against the Virtus Lanciano management. Solidarity from regional ODG

“You piece of shit, come on down if you have the guts”; “hobo”: with these words Franco Maio, honorary president of the Virtus Lanciano football club, addressed the journalist Andrea Rapino, reporter for the newspaper Il Centro, at the end of the match with Avellino on Saturday, April 30, 2016. Mr Rapino, from the stadium press box of Lanciano, was photographing the protest of the supporters of the home team against the executives of the club. The disputed phrases appear verbatim in the complaint lodged by the reporter against Maio.

“The incident is totally baseless and has deeply shaken me, compromising the smooth conduct of my work,” the journalist told Ossigeno. Rapino, on May 5, pressed charges to the Prosecutor of Lanciano, emphasizing in the complaint how in the past he had been subject to disrespectful attitudes by members and team officials. He received Solidarity from ODG Abruzzo.


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