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Anonymous allegations on important facts. Sarzanini (Corriere della Sera) aquitted

Along with the former chief editor De Bortoli in 2012, she was accused of defamation by former police chief Nicola Izzo for an article about allegations of criminal activities within the Interior Ministry

MILAN, May 24, 2016 – Acquitted by the Court of Milan for having acted in the belief to exercise freedom of the press, following step by step the case of the ‘crow at the Interior Ministry’, Fiorenza Sarzanini, journalist for the Corriere della Sera and the then chief editor of the newspaper Ferruccio De Bortoli which had to answer of omitted due diligence.

They were accused of defamation by the former deputy police chief, Nicola Izzo, for articles published from 3 to 8 November 2012 based on an anonymous complaint with which in those days a series of allegations of wrongdoing had been reported linked to contracts for the purchase of technological material for the Interior Ministry, and another that called into question Izzo specifically.

Izzo resigned from office and brought a lawsuit against a number of journalists; that of Milan is the first procedure that goes to judgment. From what appears from the rules mentioned in the disposition given this morning, the Milan court decided for the acquittal claiming that whoever wrote those articles acted in the belief of exercising freedom of the press and that, as in this case, an anonymous may publish when it concerns cases of interest to the community. (Source: ANSA)

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