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Bad report card for the goalkeeper. Threatened sports reporter

Gian Paolo Maini had given a bad score on the players’ performance. The Police had to intervene. Solidarity from ODG Emilia Romagna

On May 14, 2016, in the press room of the Braglia Stadium in the Aemilian city, at the end of the football game Modena-Pescara, the chief editor of the online magazine Parlando di Sport, Gian Paolo Maini, was assaulted and threatened by the second goalkeeper of Modena, Ivan Provedel, and – soon after – from the team president. The people present intervened to defend the journalist. Even the police intervened. Provedel did not like the negative judgment on him contained in a report card with grades given to football players, compiled by the journalist and published on his website. The journalist received solidarity from ODG Emilia Romagna.

“Episodes of this kind can not be justified not even by saying that even after a game lost the adrenaline is high. Freedom of expression must be respected always. I hope that events like this do not happen again”, Gian Paolo Maini told Ossigeno.

As reported by the same reporter, the goalkeeper showed him on the phone the report card with the grades, and said in a threatening tone to be careful of what he writes because anything could happen. Soon after, warned of the incident, the president of the club reached the journalist, went in an uproar of insults and threats, and asked his collaborators to throw him out.


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