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Caserta. Reporters verbally assaulted for service on the camorra

Marilena Natale and Nicola Baldieri have reported the facts to the police. To threaten them with a complaint and to hamper the filming were two women

On 5 May 2016, the journalist Marilena Natale (correspondent of the TV network PiuenneNews) and the freelance Nicola Baldieri formally presented charges to the police station of Grazzanise (in the province of Caserta) for the verbal aggression by two women. The incident occurred while they were documenting the exit from the barracks of Grazzanise of eight people arrested, in the same morning, as part of an investigation into alleged infiltration of the Casalesi clan in the municipal administration of the town. Among those arrested, following the investigation conducted by the anticamorra pool of Naples, there is also the former mayor Enrico Parente. The chroniclers reported that amongst those who attacked them with intimidating tones there would have been the daughter and wife of Mr Parente.

“That does not surprise me – Baldieri told Ossigeno – I know they are special moments in which there may be tension, but we must do our duty. We will not be intimidated by anyone. As long as we have the strength, we will always denounce.”

The two women shouted to Natale and Baldieri to leave and threatened to report them “as the review comes out”. Then they tried to hamper the filming.

Nicola Baldieri reported to Ossigeno of having referred the matter to the attention of the Order of Journalists.


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