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Catanzaro. Appeal court condemns journalist Pietro Comito

Acquittal sentence in the first degree appealed by the Attorney General. Alleged failure to rectify an article never published. Announced an appeal to the Supreme Court

The President of the First Criminal Chamber of the Court of Appeals of Catanzaro, Mr Fabrizio Cosentino, has announced the reasons for the judgment with which on March 9, 2016 the journalist Pietro Comito was sentenced, for a crime of libel, to a 600 euro fine and no mention of the offence. Comito must also compensate the plaintiff, Vincenzo Saraco with 10,000 euro for reputational damage and 2,500 euro for legal fees.

The Court of Appeal of Catanzaro, prosecutor Roberto Amorosi, has thus overturned the decision in the first degree with which the Court of Cosenza on 4 October 2013 had acquitted Mr Comito and his colleague, Ilario Filippone, both sued in 2010 by Vincenzo Saraco for two articles published on the daily Calabria Ora on 19 November 2010 and 17 September 2010. Pietro Comito has already announced that he has instructed his lawyers to appeal to the Supreme Court. “According to this judgment – he told Ossigeno – I should have written that the subject had been released from prison, but in the piece in question I wasn’t even talking about the arrest.”


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