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Damages. Rejected request by former president of Puglia to reporter

The judge of the Court of Lecce considered unfounded the complaint by Raffaele Fitto. Lino De Matteis is the author of the unauthorized biography Il Governatore (“The Governor”)

The judge of the Court of Lecce, Maurizio Rubino, in a judgment of 6 May 2016, rejected the request for compensation for damages lodged by the former president of the Puglia Region, Raffaele Fitto, against the journalist Lino De Matteis, author of the unauthorized biography Il Governatore (“The Governor”), published in 2004 by the publishing house Glocal Editrice. According to the judge, a statement by the publisher reads, Fitto’s complaint with a claim for a compensation of 250 thousand euro, is “baseless”.

The news was released by ANSA news agency. De Matteis had already been acquitted in the criminal proceedings for defamation, with a claim for compensation of one million euro, filed against him by Fitto for the same book.

In the statement by the publishing house – ANSA reports – it is emphasized that, according to the judge, the author of the book has respected the criteria of truth, continence and public interest.


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