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Defamation. Blogger Marco Belviso fully acquitted

The former chief editor of Il Perbenista (The Politically Correct) was sued for having givien notice of a dinner between the manager of a regional agency and a senator

The blogger Marco Belviso, at the time chief editor of Il Perbenista (The Politcally Correct), on May 10, 2016 was fully acquitted from the charge of libel “because the crime does not exist”. In January 2014 Edi Sommariva, former director of the turism agency of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region had sued him because he had not appreciated being called “granddad Edi” in an article bythe blogger on a candlelit dinner with Senator Bernabò Bocca. The decision was taken by the monocratic judge Carla Missera of the Court of Udine. Also the honorary prosecutor Alberto Cino had expressed himself in favour of th acquittal. Belviso’s lawyer, Andrea Castiglione, took time to evaluate any instances for claims for damages.

Ossigeno had covered the case in the pase, giving news of the lawsuit.


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