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La Voce di Venenzia. Hacker attack on the site and facebook page

Gruesome pictures published on the news site’s web page, identified by the Insane-Army logo. The chief editor: “The distress was for the readers”

Shortly before midnight on April 13, 2016 the web site of La Voce di Venezia, an online newspaper, and its Facebook page have been hit by a hacker attack. The attempt to hack in the computer systems failed for the website, but not for the Facebook page where the hackers have managed to take over several profiles and publish from them comments to articles depicting photos with gruesome content, all branded by the writing “Insane-Army”.

“The greatest distress – the chief editor Paolo Pradolin explains – was suffered by the readers, who initially did not understand what was going on.” The editors of the magazine believe that the attack could be linked to articles relative to local crime stories.

The wall of the page of La Voce di Venezia was subsequently cleared. The chief editor, who spoke on the issue with an editorial, said that they are considering with the lawyers whether to present a formal complaint or make a simple warning to the institutions of the category.


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