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Latina. Judge sends complaint to the archives but Ato4 insists an appeal until the supreme court

The Supreme Court confirmed the inadmissibility of the complaint lodged by the public company

The President of the Fifth Criminal Division of the Supreme Court, Maurizio Fumo, rejected the opposition to the filing of a libel suit, filed in November 2008, by Sergio Giovannelli, responsible for the technical secretariat of ATO4 (i.e. the body that has the task of monitoring the proper functioning of Acqualatina), against the journalist of Latina Oggi, Graziella Di Mambro, and the editor in chief Alessandro Pangutti. Giovannelli disputed an article signed by Di Mambro, published in late August 2008, in which the journalist wrote that the Technical Secretariat had never played the role of controller, covering “every gaffe of society.”

The court not only dismissed the action as “unacceptable”, but also sentenced Giovannelli to pay court costs and to pay 1000 euro to the Amends Fund. The judgment from 21 October 2015 was lodged with the Chancellery on last March 4th, 2016.

Already on April 19, 2010 the Judge for the Preliminary Investigation of the Court of Cassino had asked that the proceedings be sent to the archives, recognizing the work of the reporter respectful of the right of criticism, but the plaintiff had opposed, citing – among other things – a delay in the request for sending the case to the archives and in the issuance of the order.

Ossigeno had already dealt with Di Mambro and Latina Oggi. The news outlet, between 2006 and 2013, had been the target of 21 lawsuits by the president of the province. Recently, always Di Mambro, with the colleague Federico Domenichelli, had been sued by the Mayor of Sperlonga.


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