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Lecce. Fans prevent commnentary of a soccer match

The TeleSveva journalist Mario Borraccino was also insulted during the match Casarano – Barletta. Solidarity from Ussi and Assostampa Puglia

On April 24th, 2016 at the municipal stadium in Casarano (in the province of Lecce), fans of the host team have insulted the commentator Mario Borraccino, of the local broadcaster TeleSveva, preventing him from transmitting the commentary of the match between Casarano and Barletta. According to the fans, Borraccino would have discredited their team in the commentary of the previous match.

The journalist, who received solidarity from the USSI (Italian union of the sports press) and from Assostampa Puglia, told Ossigeno that the fans tore off the harness and moved the microphone. “It was an experience that proved to me – he said – I and my colleagues felt helpless.” The insults, in fact, have been directed also to the camera operator of TeleSveva Gianni Monterisi and to the journalist of Barletta Sport Luca Guerra.

The USSI and the union of the Assostampa Puglia also requested through a document to the company of Casarano Soccer club to shed light on the matter and to take measures to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents. The trade unions received a response from the president of the Casarano team that, despite condemning the incident, said in a statement: “For a whole week the aforementioned TeleSveva journalist had prophesied very little aseptically to ‘go to Casarano and make a meal of it’ . Some of the fans did not forget it. I stigmatize the actions of the fans, but I do not accept the rest.”


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