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Legal one-stop-shop. Waiting for the judgment of the “Voce delle Voci”

Two journalists, assisted by Ossigeno-MLDI, are accused of defamation for facts that haven’t been denied. Former prosecutor of Grosseto asks 430 thousand euro

The libel case before the Civil Court of Rome promoted in 2012 by the judge, now retired, Francesco Verusio against the journalists of the monthly “La Voce delle Voci”, Andrea Cinquegrani and Rita Pennarola, assisted by lawyers Andrea Di Pietro and Valerio Vartolo of Ossigeno per l’Informazione‘s Legal One-Stop-Shop, is now in the final stages. The ruling is expected for after the summer. The magistrate asks 430,000 euro in damages.

When he was chief prosecutor in Grosseto, Francesco Verusio coordinated the investigation on the sinking on January 13, 2012 of the cruise ship Costa Concordia off the Giglio island, which claimed 32 victims. In April 2012, La Voce delle Voci gave news already appeared on other media: Verusio was honorary president of the Studies Center Rights and Freedom within which operated Pasqualino Lombardi, key figure in the P3 investigation. The authors emphasized that Verusio was not investigated for the affair. The magistrate did not deny the fact. But considers placing his name so close to other facts as defamatory.

The Legal One-Stop-Shop by Ossigeno operates with the support of the London-based MLDI foundation (Media Legal Defence Initiative). It offers free legal assistance to journalists who have no other means to defend themselves in the face of trials that bring into question the freedom of expression and the right to information.


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