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Naples. Commemoration of death date of Mussolini. Five reporters attacked

Extreme right Militants have insulted them and shoved them at the end of the mass service. Involved FanPage, Alanews, Lastampa.it, CNOwebtv and Vista

At the end of a mass service in the church of San Ferdinando in Naples, to commemorate the death of Benito Mussolini, on April 28, 2016 five journalists from as many news outlets were attacked by far-right militants. Reporters, Alessio Viscardi from FanPage, Gaia Martignetti of Lastampa.it, Francesca Saccenti of CNOwebtv, Lorenzo Face of Alanews and Stefano Gattordo of Vista, had already been asked to leave the church while they were filming the scene from one of the aisles of the building during the service.

The attack was filmed by the cameras of the reporters who have were defined, among other insults, “hired hands” and have received some pushes and several shoves to the equipment. “The unfortunate thing – Viscardi, Face and Gattordo agree – is that these people took it out on the chroniclers” that, from what you see in the video, were supporting the debate with more vitality. “We were just doing our job – Saccenti told Ossigeno – and their reaction was absurd.” That the story was not supposed to happen is the also the thought of Gaia Martignetti: “It was great to receive so much solidarity from colleagues – she said – but the category associations have not officially taken a stance yet.”


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