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Pino Maniàci investigated. Guest comment by mp Fava

“Let him explain the ridiculous vanity of his words,” the deputy chairman of the Anti-Mafia Commission wrote on Facebook, referring to eavesdropping

The Director of Telejato, Pino Maniàci, is under investigation by prosecutors in Palermo for extortion against the mayors of Borgetto and Partinico (townships in the province of Palermo) from which he would have demanded money and favors in exchange for a soft line on his TV. The judge ordered him the prohibition of residence in the provinces of Palermo and Trapani. Mr Claudio Fava, vice president of the Parliamentary Anti-Mafia Commission in 2014 – as part of the research on mafia and information – had listened in the hearing to the journalist, and commented on the affair on Facebook:


When someone hanged his dogs, I took a plane and went to Partinico to give him solidarity, comfort, friendship. Now I read, like you, that Pino Maniàci would have used all of this (friendships, solidarity, esteem) to swell like a turkey. Of the hundred euro maybe claimed by from a mayor the judges will take care to tell us if it was extortion, bravado or just idiocy. But from what the wire taps reveal, I do not want answers from the judges but from Maniaci himself. No talk of plots and Mafia revenge: answers!

I want him to say – to me and to the others who in recent years have put their face next to his – if those transcripts are manipulated or if it’s true that to her best friend he said “… they have invited me on the other side of the world to pick up the fucking international prize of hero of our times.” One of those fucking awards was named after Mario Francese, journalist from Palermo killed by the Mafia. They handed it to him six years ago. Let Maniàci tell us that is all false, the wite taps, the police reports, his words of those others: everything! Or return the reward right away. Of all the miserable plumes that the mafia can put on its hat, the death of a journalist is the most obscene.

When at I Siciliani they killed the editor in chief, no police protection arrived,nor awards nor courtesy visits nor phone calls from prime ministers. But we went ahead anyway, learning to do each month (and for many years) another hole in the belt. And when a corrupt prosecutor in Catania (indeed!) allowed to tap our phones, he returned to his mafia godfathers with his horns down: because in the calls of the journalists of I Siciliani (boys, not war veterans …) there was only the rigor of words, clarity of behavior, the deep sense of craft that we did. “What you did not understand is the power of Pino Maniàci! By now everyone and I mean everyone is shitting if I ruin them on television … we do as I say and that’s it, I decide, not them, they have to do what I say, if not they go home! “. What does, I don’t mean the mafia, but journalism got to do with this rant? It has nothing to do with it! Let Maniàci explain: not the alleged conspiracies against him but the ridiculous vanity of his words. Explain, or disappear from our lives for ever.

We remain mistaken of our own guilty naiveté: having trusted in good faith of the incense smoke. That with the fight against the mafia have never had anything to do with.

Claudio Fava

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