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Revenue agency threatens lawsuit against Striscia la Notizia

The director of the public body has denounced “a smear campaign” by the satirical news outlet. The issue related to the services on the hardships of taxpayers

The satirical news cast by Antonio Ricci denounces that “the declared intention of the Revenue Agency of resorting to legal action is an act of intimidation that wants to limit freedom of information.” The reference is to the recent utterances by Rossella Orlandi, director of the , which declared that “there is an ongoing campaign of defamation, populist and dangerous by Striscia la Notizia. Our offices have already been physically attacked and one of our officers suffered a serious injury. We will resort to legal action.”

The controversy was triggered by repeated services by the newscast on the hardships faced by the taxpayers, which has led the Agency to announce a revolution in the relations between tax authorities and citizens. “If the tax authority is transparent and respects the taxpayer – Orlandi said – the taxpayer becomes transparent and respectful of the tax authorities. As such evasion is structurally reduced “.

Striscia la Notizia, in a statement, says that “in drafting the letter to employees on the Agency’s new strategy, the director Rossella Orlandi seems to have gotten the message that Striscia has spread and continues to spread with the services (currently 24) dedicated to some of the hundreds of reports received by taxpayers harassed by the authority.”


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